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Kumppampäi Folk Dance Group
(in Turku dialect ”in which way?”)

About a dozen young, enthusiastic dancers are inspired by the Finnish folk dancing and traditions.

The group is not afraid of challenges, because they love performing and they dance even without music, if necessary.

Kumppampäi- group was founded in 2002 but all the dancers have been dancing for decades in other folk dance groups. It was founded by nowadays professional Folk Dance Teacher Hanna Palomäki, who gathered dancers in a project to bring Cinderella-choreography onto the stage.

When Hanna’s project was over Ms Sanna Sainio became the teacher of Kumppampäi, and ever since the group has been dancing Finnish traditional folk dances, Karelian folk dances and modern choreographies. We use traditional Finnish folk costumes, Karelian Feresi-costume or other clothes depending on the choreography.

In the autumn of 2007 another Folk Dance Teacher student Eero Hietanen came to teach the group. We developed our technique and learned a new choreography. Kumppampäi took part in a folk dance competition and was classified to the silver class, which was a fantastic achievement and made the group proud of themselves.

Our next project was getting to know to hambo. April 2010 we took part in a folk dance competition again and classified now to the gold class, which is the highest. Choreography is made by our teacher Ms Sanna Sainio and music is made by Ms Marjaana Penttinen.

The next period began when the group got a new folkdance teacher Ms Eikku Flinkman to their teacher. With new teacher group wanted to take a part to the classification of adults which took place in spring 2013. We got good classification with “Elon raitti” -program. We worked hardly and we will continue to dance and new challenges.

Despite of the short history of Kumppampäi, we have been performing actively and have also organised three concerts on our own. We have been dancing in Folklandia-cruise twice and also performed twice in Nordlek-Festival in Denmark, 2003 and in Gothenburg in 2006. In Sweden we were representing Finland in the young people’s Nordic Concert. In the summer 2008 Kumppampäi visited and performed in an international folk dance festival in Czech Republic (Prague Folklore Days- Festival).

Contact information: 

Ms Eikku Flinkman +358 40 527 4531, eikku.flinkman(at)nettikirje.fi

 Ms Niina Kallioinen +358 40 758 1527, niina.kallioinen(at)gmail.com


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