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PRO is a group of adults in Turku Folklore Association. It mainly performs Finnish traditional folk dances but also some modern choreographies. The group was founded in 1999 but all its members have been dancing folk dances since childhood.

PRO has its name from the word “project”, because it functions through projects. Visiting professional teachers make challenging choreographies (based on tradition) for the group. The last PRO worked with choreographer Elena Penttilä and the result of cooperation was a choreography called Annikaisen virsi. PRO is also dancing traditional Finnish folk dances and is able to modify its performance programme according to the wishes of the festival.

PRO has been classified several times in the national level ranking.  The latest audition was in April 2013 when PRO participated in the audition of the "Suomen Nuorisoseurat" and was ranked to the third highest level “Valiosarja”. The previous audition was in April 2010 when PRO participated in the audition of the Finnish Folklore Association and Settlementtinuorten liitto and was ranked to the highest “Golden level”.

PRO is performing actively and has performed several times in the annual Folklandia-Cruise and in the KoskisFolk-Festival in Finland. It has also performed abroad e.g. in Sweden, in Russia, and in the United States. In the autumn 2011 PRO performed in Tallinn and took part in a Folklore Day. In the summer 2012 PRO participated in an International Folk Dance and Music Festival called "Tanssipidot".

The dancers are usually wearing the Finnish traditional costumes or traditional Karelian folk costumes.

PROomu is the music group of PRO and it has four talented musicians, who are Tommi Lehtonen (contrabass), Jorma Punta (accordion), Leea Toivanen (violin) ja Marjaana Penttinen (violin, flute, harmonium).

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