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Group Vinksinvonksin


Vinksin Vonksin Folk dance group

Vinksin Vonksin is in English: “at sixes and sevens”

Group is established year 2000 and it started with two girl dancers. Nowadays in group is dancing twenty dancers, in 1994 - 1999 born boys and girls.
Group likes to dance happy and energetic traditional Finnish folk dances and games. In practice decibels raise and laughter to belt out. This energetic, happy and laughing group has been traveling performances and weekend camps both in Finland and abroad eg. Estonia (Märjamaa 2006 and 2010, also in Tallinn, 2008), as well as Barnlek-events in Porsgrunn in Norway in 2008 and Denmark Skive 2011. New trends and trips are expected to look forward to. Let's see what we come up again.

Group leaders are: Folkdance Teacher Niina Kallioinen and Folkdance Instructor Satu Lehtonen.

More information from Niina – email: niina.kallioinen(at)gmail.com

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